Our 2017 Cotswold hare trail artists

The artists listed below are all the artists who have been accepted by the FestivalTeam for the 2017 hares. We are happy to celebrate their work and invite you to view their websites. We are proud of the wonderful designs they have produced for this year’s Festival and we are delighted to showcase the diversity of creative talents that they represent.

Become one of our artists for future Festivals

If you would like to be considered as one of our artists for forthcoming Festivals please contact for a sign up form and further details. Please apply before July 31st 2017.

Charmaine Williamson

Dave Wells

Sally Howells

Llynda Baugh

Hare: Sixpence

Luke Gunner

Mike Smith

Debbie Stirling

Dan Stirling

Katherine Dove

Hare: Berkeley

Abigail Fallis

Hare: Equinox

Sue Steele

Tokyo Tattoo Studios

Hare: La Liebre

Jan Knibbs

Agnes Boes

Laura Wright

Izzy Collins

Hare: Dracohara

Georgie Woolridge

Hare: Bluebell

Pete Tatham

Mary Shaw

Joanna May

Paul Robbins

Hare: Harvey

Sam Wilson

Michael Tambini

Sarah Bromley

Hare: Hoppy

Guy Warner

Hare: Moreton

Araminta Fogden

Lee Crew

Mike Smith

Hare: Fleece

Students at National Star College

Hare: Wilson

Students at Cirencester College

Hare: Lepus

Pupils at Deer Park School

Hare: Mosaicus

Pupils at Watermoor School

Hare: Atticus

Mike Smith

Gillian Higgins

Brendan Francis

Hare: Bodvoc

Nisha Grover

David Wells

Hare: Stamp

Rachel Maryon

Charmaine King

Ray Hedger

Hare: Mr D'Arcy

Jayne Lancaster

Hare: Hara

Anita Saunders