Hare Auction

The public auction of the Cotswold trail hares at The Hall of Fame at the Cheltenham racecourse attracted lots of interest and some competitive bidding. Over £60,000 was raised through the auction (this is the gross income from the auction… Read more »

Hare Trail closes on 10th September

Make sure to seek out those hares that you’ve not yet discovered or revisit your favourites before the trail closes on 10th September. You can bid to buy large hares and leverets at the public auction (tickets must be bought… Read more »

Bid to buy a hare

We are delighted to say that the online auction for hares is now live. Click here for details of how to submit a bid. This facility means everyone is able to bid for their favourite hare, whether or not they… Read more »

Hare Festival towns

We are halfway through the social media campaign to feature all the Trail towns. Watch for yours if it’s not been covered yet

Small Hare (Leveret)Trail

Small hares (18″) are on display in 12 locations across the Cotswolds, so look out for these when discovering the large hares. Click here for list of locations

Plain white hares now available to buy

Plain white hares for your self decoration are now available to buy. Small hares (leverets) are 18″ high and cost £175. Tiny hares at 9″ high cost £60. See the ‘Buy’ page for how to order